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Last updated on May 14th, 2024

Look, this is a fun hobbyist project at this point. It's provided without any guarantees of correctness or otherwise. Please don't sue me.

We leverage the Hacker News API. However, please note that this site is not affiliated with or sponsored by Hacker News or Y Combinator

We collect some information about you while you use the site. Specifically, we may store data normally sent by web browsers for improving the service and preventing abuse (e.g. IP address, user agent). We also set a cookie on your machine to make it easier to identify your searches. If you click on a link, we might record that you thought it was interesting in order to improve the quality of our results. If you run local inference, we might collect a copy of the results and serve them to other users.

If you volunteer personal information in the search box or by providing us your email address or contact information, we might store that. If you'd like us to scrub information about you, just email us and we'll do so.

You may be offered a paid subscription through this site, giving you access to more advanced features. We do not offer refunds by default but will go the extra mile to make you happy if you're a paid user: email us your questions and concerns. Plans renew until canceled.

Nothing on this site or the communications of its builder should be construed as advice of any sort. We leverage LLMs which have non-deterministic outputs, and decline all liability for their outputs. Treat this website as offered for entertainment and informational purposes only.

We might change these terms without notice in the future, for example by including them in a more formal set of terms and policies.

Address legal notices to Jonathan Unikowski c/o Hacker Search.

Terms & Privacy Policy | This site is not affiliated with or sponsored by Hacker News or Y Combinator
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