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Version control: best practices ( points, about 10 years ago|commentsLearn about best practices for version control, including committing early and often, writing meaningful commit messages, and using pull requests and code reviews. Emphasizes the importance of these practices to improve code culture and increase team efficiency.
The 10 commandments of good source control management ( points, about 13 years ago|commentsThis blog post outlines 10 key 'commandments' for effective version control practices, covering topics such as committing early and often, inspecting changes before committing, and writing informative commit messages, with a focus on source control systems like Subversion and .NET.
Useful GitHub patterns ( points, about 11 years ago|commentsThis web page provides various patterns for using git and GitHub effectively, such as creating different types of pull requests and optimizing handling unmerged branches.
Git is cheap ( points, almost 12 years ago|commentsThis blog post discusses the benefits of using git, including committing early and branching often for faster development and better code quality.
Linus on keeping a clean git history (2009) ( points, almost 12 years ago|commentsRead an email conversation discussing the importance of maintaining a clean and organized Git history, including rules for rebasing and merging code. Emphasizes the need to keep a clear and readable history without tampering with others' work.
LLM-generated code must not be committed without prior written approval by core ( points, 2 months ago|commentsThis page provides commit guidelines, including testing code before committing, documenting changes in the commit log, and giving proper credit.
Successful GitHub Development ( points, over 12 years ago|commentsThis article provides best practices for using GitHub effectively as a developer, including maintaining open source projects and contributing code to them. It covers topics such as writing official documentation, using Git Flow, and complying with style guidelines.
Understanding the Git Workflow ( points, almost 13 years ago|commentsThis webpage offers a detailed guide on best practices for using Git, including efficient branching and merging, and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clean and organized project history.
More Productive Git ( points, about 5 years ago|commentsLearn advanced Git techniques to empower your usage and make the development lifecycle smoother, covering topics like resetting, cherry-picking, amending commits, stashing, git log, and git bisect.
Little Things I Like to Do with Git ( points, about 7 years ago|commentsThis blog post discusses various Git commands and best practices, including generating a changelog, checking changes before pulling, and reviewing local commits before pushing.
Git is my buddy: Effective Git as a solo developer ( points, over 3 years ago|commentsLearn about effective Git practices for solo developers, covering topics like branching, commit independence, including tests in commits, and discarding unnecessary commits.
Git your act together ( points, almost 14 years ago|commentsThis blog post discusses the importance of writing good commit messages, committing changes separately, and using 'rebase' and '--amend' to manage commits effectively, along with recommendations for improving Git repository maintenance.
Git workflow for ( points, over 12 years ago|commentsThis page provides detailed guidance on using git for version control, including best practices like writing well-formed commit messages and asking for code reviews. It also covers specific git commands and aliases, making it directly relevant to your query on git good practices.
This is how I git ( points, over 3 years ago|commentsThis blog post provides detailed insights into git good practices, including command line usage, bash helper scripts, git aliases, local branch creation, pull requests, git rebase and merge, and handling reviews and CI alerts.
Git Things ( points, 7 months ago|commentsThis page contains less frequently discussed best practices and tips for using Git, including handling merge commits, writing effective commit messages, and improving the CI and code review process.
Our Git Workflow: Private Development, Public Releases ( points, almost 14 years ago|commentsThis blog post outlines Braintree's git workflow for private development and public releases, including creating repositories, making releases, and handling bug fixes. It also provides code snippets for git commands.
GitHub on applying Getting Real to their unfunded startup ( points, almost 16 years ago|commentsThis article discusses how GitHub applied the 'Getting Real' approach, including staying lean, not seeking outside funding, and staying focused on the site's purpose, leading to successful growth and development.
A better pull request ( points, over 9 years ago|commentsLearn best practices for reviewing pull requests when using Git, including a discussion on problems with the "triple dot" diff approach and examples from different hosting providers.
A successful Git branching model ( points, over 14 years ago|commentsThis blog post outlines a successful Git branching model and best practices for development using Git, covering topics like branching strategy, release management, and branch incorporation procedures.
Proper use of Git tags ( points, about 2 years ago|commentsThis webpage provides best practices for using Git tags in the Linux kernel project, including recommendations for tag push permissions, tag naming, and the commit that should be tagged.
Design Philosophies of Developer Tools ( points, almost 13 years ago|commentsThis article discusses different design philosophies reflected in the tools Git, Maven, and various Ruby tools, exploring integration, release cycles, and compatibility, as well as principles and ideas for software tool design.
A simple git branching model ( points, almost 11 years ago|commentsLearn about a simple git branching model, good practices, and useful tips for managing git branches effectively.
My favourite Git commit (2019) ( points, 6 months ago|commentsThis blog post discusses the importance and benefits of well-written Git commit messages, showcasing a good example and providing recommendations for further reading. It emphasizes the value of documenting code changes, making commits searchable, and sharing knowledge among the team.
GitHub Says ‘No Thanks’ to Bots — Even if They’re Nice ( points, over 11 years ago|commentsThe article examines the impact of GitBots on the GitHub code-sharing website and provides perspectives on their usefulness and platform policies. It delves into the potential implications of bot usage for developers.
Show HN: GitCop – Automated Commit Message Validation for GitHub Pull Requests ( points, over 9 years ago|commentsLearn to use GitCop for managing commit messages in GitHub repositories, including setting commit rules and leveraging its automated assistance for pull requests.
JS-Git ( points, almost 11 years ago|commentsThe page provides detailed information on using the JS-Git project, including creating a repository object, using generators vs. callbacks, basic object creation and loading, using walkers, filesystem style interface, creating composite filesystems, and mounting Github repos.
High-Level Problems with Git and How to Fix Them ( points, over 6 years ago|commentsThis blog post delves into high-level problems with Git, covering issues with the staging area, branches and remotes management, and the model of forks in hosted Git services, along with proposed solutions. It also highlights the prevalence of usability problems with Git and calls for positive change in the future.
Keeping a project bisectable ( points, almost 2 years ago|commentsThis blog post discusses the importance of keeping a project bisectable and provides practical tips on using interactive rebase in git.
Gitlet: Git implemented in JavaScript ( points, over 9 years ago|commentsThis blog post provides an implementation of Git in JavaScript called Gitlet, with annotated source code and instructions for using Gitlet for version control, testing, and licensing details.
Git Immersion ( points, over 13 years ago|commentsThis webpage provides a guided tour through the fundamentals of Git, emphasizing hands-on experience to gain mastery. It is specifically relevant to learning good practices in using Git.
Git files hidden in plain sight ( points, 12 months ago|commentsThis blog post discusses the potential security risks of public keys in Git repositories and offers insights into best practices for Git security.
GCC is moving to git ( points, almost 9 years ago|commentsThis webpage contains a discussion about moving the GCC project's repository to Git, along with follow-up messages from other contributors. It provides insights into the migration process and best practices for using Git in a large-scale project like GCC.
My Favourite Git Commit ( points, almost 5 years ago|commentsLearn the significance of well-crafted Git commit messages and how they contribute to good practices in version control and team collaboration.
Learn the workings of Git, not just the commands (2015) ( points, over 2 years ago|commentsThis tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of Git, including its basic and advanced features, to help you understand good practices for using Git.
What git branching models actually work? ( points, almost 11 years ago|commentsThis forum post discusses the best branching models and practices for Git in a commercial setting, emphasizing its decentralized and peer-driven approach.
How we manage 200 open-source repos ( points, 10 months ago|commentsThis blog post shares seven key lessons learned from managing over 200 open-source repositories, including instant response to issues, early communication with contributors, consistency checks, and the importance of documentation.
My Git Habits ( points, over 12 years ago|commentsThis blog post provides a detailed account of the author's Git habits and strategies, including the frequent use of `git-add -p` and infrequent use of `git-commit -a`, which aligns with good practices for using Git effectively.
A Guided Tour through the Fundamentals of Git ( points, over 12 years ago|commentsThis web page provides a guided tour through the fundamentals of Git, emphasizing the importance of hands-on experience to understand its features. It's specifically relevant to your query about Git good practices.
Git Tips And Workflows ( points, over 11 years ago|commentsThis web page contains a curated list of Git tips and workflows, including setting global proxy, cloning specific branches, and more.

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